Meet Law Firm ČAD

Law Firm ČAD has been operating as an independent law firm for a quarter of a century and has gained a great reputation and comprehensive experience in all its years of practice, which result from many years of cooperation with various clients, from individuals to large multinational enterprises with an international presence. As a result, we have been established on the Slovenian and international market as a "boutique" law firm, which focuses on practical and individually tailored consulting in the provision of services and thus contributes to the excellence of our clients in their areas of operation.

Our employees are our added value and enable us to achieve top results in the legal profession. We accept and recognize the contribution of our employees, who become part of the "family" through employment. We do not compete with other law firms, but focus on ourselves and our clients. We are committed to providing high-quality legal services to all clients. Work experience of the employees, which is also constantly refreshed and updated through training, ensures high professionalism and the quality of services of the Law Firm.

Law Firm ČAD is a small to medium-sized law firm with one leading partner - the founder, Attorney-at-Law Tomaž Čad. The size of the Law Firm is the advantage that enables the Firm to maintain professionalism, flexibility and the highest possible level of efficiency while interconnecting the team both in the business environment and in leisure time.

Our values

We are aware that in forming a team, it is necessary to start with oneself, with the Law Firm itself and its employees. It is a principle of personification of culture that can also be used in communication with clients and in private life. We try to ensure good mutual relationships by following the rules below:

EMPLOYEE AWARENESS. Zaposleni so seznanjeni z aktualnim dogajanjem v odvetniški pisarni, kar omogoča boljše sodelovanje in prispevanje k nadaljnjemu razvoju pisarne.

OPEN DOOR POLICY. Every employee is available to their co-workers for advice, even in personal matters. All comments, remarks and suggestions from employees are welcome. We emphasize that we are ready to actively listen and participate in the team.

PROMOTING COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE LAW FIRM. Communication between employees is welcome and encouraged. The principle "two minds are better than one" applies. Certain social/corporate events of the Law Firm, team building and other leisure and informal activities are also devoted to this.

THERE IS NO WRONG OPINION. Every employee has the right to their opinion and it is perfectly normal that we do not agree on everything. Employees are encouraged to express their opinions, which often helps make better decisions and provides a different view of the matter that the individual is dealing with.

MUTUAL RESPECT and RESPECT FOR COLLEAGUES. Law Firm employees respect each other. Intolerance or disrespect is not acceptable. We are all people, attorneys, partners, part of the team and we respect each other as such. We are equally respectful of our colleagues in the legal profession.

Our guideline is to ensure our clients are thrilled, as the mere satisfaction of a client is no longer enough!

Fundamental characteristics that our Firm personifies, can be identified in honesty, ethics and reliability, complete focus on our clients, high-level of professionalism in all areas of its operation and through its support for cooperation and collegiality.

Our approach is defined by the following values:


Justice, ethics, reliability and respect in the practice of our profession. We respect the commitments we take on and accept accountability for our actions.

Focus on clients

We fully strive to understand the requirements, challenges, guidelines and objectives of our clients in order to continuously raise the quality of our services.

Business excelLence

We continuously strive to achieve exceptional results in everything we do.


We seek, share and respect different aspects and operate as a uniform and coordinated team vis-à-vis colleagues, clients and third parties. We strive for honest, constructive and consistent cooperation.

Become part of Law Firm ČAD

All individuals who share our values and want to become part of our team are welcome. We expect especially the following qualities from the candidates: responsibility, great diligence, communication, creativity, integrity, passion for work, professionalism, social responsibility, empathy and motivation.

You can send your application to and attach your CV and motivation letter. In the motivation letter, present your previous experience, knowledge, skills and, above all, explain why you chose our Law Firm and why you think you are fit to work with us.

If we are convinced by your application, we will invite you to a personal interview, where you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and learn more about the business environment of our Law Firm.

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