25 years of experience

We have been operating as an independent Law Firm for a quarter of a century and have gained a high reputation and comprehensive experience in all our years of practice, which result from many years of cooperation with various clients, from individuals to large multinational enterprises with an international presence.

The beginnings of our Law Firm date back to 1995, when the founding and executive partner, Attorney-at-Law Tomaž Čad, began to practice law independently. Attorney-at-Law Tomaž Čad started his career in judicature, all the way to the state bar exam, then continued in business (MO SlovenijalesTrgovina) and banking (UBK banka), as an attorney candidate in the Toš Law Firm, and finally decided to establish his own law firm.

He was joined in 2007 by Barbara Kürner Čad, who had previously gained experience and knowledge in judicature, commercial disputes, as well as bankruptcy and compulsory settlement proceedings and court register matters. After ten years of working in court, she became a Member of the Management Board of the Slovenian Development Corporation, in charge of corporate restructuring. Attorney-at-Law Barbara Kürner Čad has been a Member of the Supervisory Board of Telekom Slovenije, d. d. from 2017 to 2021 and a Member of the Supervisory Board of Loterija Slovenije, d.d. from 2018 to 2023.

With extensive domestic and international experience in the wider field of commercial law, Attorney-at-Law Matic Čad joined the Law Firm management in 2024.

Work experience of the members of the Firm, which they are constantly refreshing and updating through education, ensures the high professionalism and quality of services offered by our Law Firm. The entire team is comprised of legal and economic experts who offer professional and up-to-date services but are not intimidated by the new challenges posed by the needs of modern legal transactions.

Firm mentality and development

Employees at Law Firm ČAD do not compete with other law firms but focus on ourselves and our clients. Our operations are focused on providing high-quality legal services to all our clients. As a law firm, we are a relatively small company with up to ten employees at all times, and we intend to remain so. The size of our Law Firm is the advantage that allows us to maintain professionalism, flexibility and maximum efficiency. In the event of an increased volume of work, we are always able to engage attorney trainees, attorney candidates or young law students who regularly perform practical work within individual departments or administrations in the organized work process.

The Law Firm constantly follows modern trends in technological development and progress, which allows us to maintain a competitive advantage and provide services with a higher degree of efficiency, while our experts can address legally important and substantive issues.

Miselnost in razvoj pisarne

International Cooperation

Law Firm ČAD is a full member of associations that effectively connect corporate entities and individuals whose common goal is integration, the exchange of opinions and professional collaboration. We can highlight our firm's membership of AmCham Slovenia (American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia), British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - BSSC and the German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry - AHK, which represent exceptionally active associations with a major contribution to excellence in relations between foreign and local entities operating in the Slovenian business and corporate scene. Attorney-at-Law Tomaž Čad is currently serving as a member of AHK's Supervisory Board.

The firm has been a full member of IUSFUL - European legal network of law firms since 2009. This network currently brings together 19 law firms from across Europe, being most active in the CEE and SEE regions, and also working very intensely in the region of former Yugoslav countries. Membership of IUSFUL has helped us understand that numerous large international law firms focus on cross-border and large conglomerates. On that basis IUSFUL has decided to primarily focus on providing services to medium-sized and fast-growing companies to which we provide boutique and highly-professional services. Attorney-at-Law Tomaž Čad has been the general secretary of the IUSFUL network since 2018.


Our guideline is to ensure our clients are thrilled, as the mere satisfaction of a client is no longer enough!

The advantages of Law Firm ČAD are prominently highlighted due to experience of the law firm's senior partners, Attorneys-at-Law Tomaž Čad and Barbara Kürner Čad, combined with innovative approaches of younger representatives of the law firm. It is especially important that all experts in our firm, in addition to everyone's specific field of expertise, universally master general legal fields, which allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive answers to their questions and individually-tailored consultancy.

Through all these years of operation we have remained loyal to our method of work, and during the realisation of our mission in one of the most complex professions we strive to maintain our independence, high professionalism, ethics, respect for our clients, collegiality between our employees and other colleagues, and are committed to technical progress.

Our approach is defined by the following values:


Justice, ethics, reliability and respect in the practice of our profession. We respect the commitments we take on and accept accountability for our actions.


Focus on clients

We fully strive to understand the requirements, challenges, guidelines and objectives of our clients in order to continuously raise the quality of our services.

Business excellence

We continuously strive to achieve exceptional results in everything we do.


We seek, share and respect different aspects and operate as a uniform and coordinated team vis-à-vis colleagues, clients and third parties. We strive for honest, constructive and consistent cooperation.


As a law firm specializing in Commercial Law, we primarily offer legal services to both domestic and foreign companies, but we also represent individuals, members of corporate governance and other institutions.

We have a wide range of clients, including leading banks, financial institutions and companies in the Slovenian environment, which have trusted us for many years. Due to our expertise and individually tailored approach to each client, we enjoy a great deal of trust. We thus offer the aforementioned clients the highest quality of legal services and help them achieve top results in the area of their operations. Any legal issues that our clients face in reality are left to us, allowing them a focused and carefree business.

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