First chapter § Areas of law

Second chapter § About the company

Performing the mission of one of the most demanding professions while preserving independence, a high level of professionalism, ethics, respect for our clients and collegiality to employees and other colleagues, is a challenging task.

We successfully manage this, as we have been performing it for a full twenty years and in the future, we will continue to ensure that the daily operations of this beautiful profession represent the same challenge and joy as the day when the founder of the firm took the oath before the then President of the Bar Association, honourable colleague Mitja Stupan.

The lawyer Tomaž Čad began providing independent advocacy in 1995, mainly in the field of business and commercial law. Over the years, the operation of the self-advocacy has grown into an efficient and contemporary organised law firm that provides legal assistance to its clients in the same areas of law as the lawyer’s initial orientation. A specialised team of legal experts offers professional and up to date legal services, facing the new challenges required by the needs of contemporary legal transactions. It is particularly important that in addition to specialisation, all the experts in the office universally master the general areas of law to provide our clients with comprehensive answers to their questions.

We are especially proud of our excellent connections with fellow lawyers both at home and abroad. In accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics, we offer assistance in representation in the court area in central Slovenia to our colleagues at home, and are happy to have their assistance at our disposal during representation in other court areas in the country.

In times of globalisation and the interconnectedness of economic flows, the office has also created efficient links with fellow lawyers abroad. Since 1996, we have been cooperating with the law firm P.N. Karytinos & Partners from Athens (Greece) in the field of out-of-court and court recovery of claims for foreign clients from the EU.

Since January 2009, we are a full member of the IUSFUL European Legal Network, which brings together law firms with the same business orientation from numerous EU Member States.

We are also active as members of associations that effectively link business entities and individuals, whose common goal is linking, the exchange of views and professional cooperation. We are full members of AMCHAM and DESLO, two highly active associations, which contribute substantially to the excellence of relations between foreign and domestic entities that meet in the Slovenian business and economic scene.

Our shared vision:

• The performance of legal services with a high degree of professionalism and timeliness,
• Continuous professional education and training of young lawyers – prospective trainee lawyers, candidates and lawyers,
• Continuous growth and development of the law firm,
• The preservation of traditional values of Slovenian advocacy in the context of active operations within the Bar Association of Slovenia,
• International activities of the law firm,
• Appropriate adaptation of advocacy activities to the latest trend of digitisation of society.

In the pursuit of a common vision we are guided by traditional guidelines of our activities:

• Organisation and IT support,
• Professionalism – the advantage of quality over quantity,
• Readiness for new challenges,
• Capability of integration within institutions,
• Teamwork,
• Problem solving in project management,
• Mutual collegiality.